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e:     lyndal@redmanmedia.net

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l:      Adelaide, South Australia


  • Lyndal Redman

Real stories, by real people

Storytelling is an important part of the production of video content, and it’s not just about writing a script and taking a few pictures. To really get at the heart of a good story you need to be able to ask the right questions.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find the best way to truly produce a watchable video is to tell the story with the perfect interview. I don’t like showing clients the questions before I start, it makes people nervous, or worse they practice in front of the mirror and freeze in front of the camera.

When I produce videos for Hughes PR I want them to come across as real, I want to see the emotions in not only the eyes of the viewer but of the subject I’m interviewing. If the interviewee is passionate about the subject then I want it to show.

Not everyone is good in front of that lens and shining lights, but the trick is to make them feel comfortable and sometimes allow the interview to go longer, you find that the person on the other side of the view finder warms up and almost forgets that everything they are saying is captured on film (or digital media anyway).

The way a video is edited can also make or break a good story. The choice of interview grabs, overlay footage and music can make what could be a dull production great! You don’t want back-to-back audio storytelling, you need it to breathe, have some light and shade. Some room for the viewer to imagine and truly engage in the video they are watching.

Think ‘Australian Story’ where the narrative is purely quotes from interviews conducted on the topic. They are the styles of production that really resonate with your clients, customers or friends.

However, we also produce a wide range of other videos including Video News Releases and other corporate styles. Some of these involve stories that have a narration as a separate audio track.

If you want to see some of the videos we have produced here at Hughes then take a look at our YouTube channel.