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  • Lyndal Redman

It’s all about visual storytelling!

To establish what will make a great video you should ask yourself these 4 questions…

What is my MARKET?

Where do you intend on putting your content to be viewed?

Is it LOCAL?

Local content particularly is always going to

Does it offer a point of DIFFERENCE?

Can I classify it as NEW/EXCLUSIVE?

The difference between a mediocre video and worthwhile online video content not only lies in the idea but in the execution.

There are some ways to distinguish the two.

Lighting: If the subject is not lit in the picture or the background is blown out then chances are your video professional hasn’t taken the time to position interview talent in the correctly lit area or hasn’t lit them at all.

Audio: Sometimes it is noisy in an area while filming and that can be excused however there are plenty of times when the video staff hasn’t placed a microphone on the person being interviewed and the mic on top of the camera is picking up excessive background noise as well as the interview.

Bad Colouring: Every camera has what is called a white balance function. This allows the camera operator to get the picture looking its best. If the footage is way to blue or in the opposite scale too yellow then the wrong colour balance has been applied.

Steady shots! Use a tripod. There is nothing worse than shaky shots especially when they are supposed to be static.

Out of focus can either be arty or a total mistake

It’s all about the way a story is put together!

The way a video is edited and the accompanying music chosen can make or break a good video.

Music can alter the feel of the completed package!

It’s all about visual storytelling!